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General FAQ

What is real estate development investing?


Real estate development investments are quite different from buying a property and renting it out or reselling it.

With real estate development, you invest in projects before they’re built. These projects usually offer significantly higher projected IRR.

With real estate development investing, you have the opportunity to develop wealth in the same that property moguls have done for centuries. And now it’s easier than ever with Relex Development.

What is blockchain?

What is cryptocurrency?

What is Ethereum? What is an ERC-20 token?

Is RLX an ERC-20 token?

What are the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency in regards to real estate development?

Investors FAQ

What are the costs for investors?


There are no investment costs borne by investors. In fact, Relex Development will redistribute a portion of broker commissions to return them to investors.

The costs borne by investors are only those involved in the purchase and transmission of the RLX token, including but not limited to exchange fees and the ETH used as gas for transactions.

What do you need to do before investing through one of Relex Development's platform?

What are the main risks involved in investing with the Relex Development portal?

Who can invest with equity crowdfunding?

Company FAQ

What is Relex?

Relex is an investment platform that uses cryptocurrency to provide transparency, accountability, and immutability to real estate development investment opportunities that could otherwise be considered too risky or opaque. The Relex team makes investing easy and safe by thoroughly scrutinizing the partnerships it takes on, only adding to its portfolio those that meet detailed requirements. As an additional layer of safety and transparency, the RLX cryptocurrency token is then used as the medium to invest in development opportunities that have already met the rigorous standards set forth by the Relex team. By placing these transactions on the blockchain, the investment process is enhanced to fit the complexities of the modern, global economy: funds are easily traceable while retaining investor privacy, paperwork hassles are reduced by upgrading them to immutable smart contracts, and investor capital is secured through contractual agreements on the blockchain. Relex provides simple, safe, and secure investments in an ever-expanding world.

What problem does Relex solve?

How does Relex benefit from being a blockchain cryptocurrency?